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All your web3 messages,

in one place

An easy-to-use app that connects you to your web3 — at your fingertips, on your terms.

Notifications from the apps you love

From DAO proposals to NFT drops, social updates to game requests — get real-time notifications from your favorite apps.

Any wallet, any time, anywhere

Connect any wallet to receive notifications via the Web3Inbox app on both desktop and mobile.

Web3 messaging that keeps you in control

Choose the notifications you want to receive from the apps you care about. No spam, no surprises — your Web3Inbox done your way.


How does Web3Inbox work?

The Web3Inbox app allows you access and manage notifications from apps like PancakeSwap and Snapshot directly via your wallet in one seamless experience. Simply connect your wallet at and subscribe to apps you want to hear.

Is Web3Inbox secure?

Web3Inbox, in combination with WalletConnect’s Notify API, has been designed with security and privacy as a priority. Several mechanisms are in-place to ensure this:

  1. Using standard Sign In With Ethereum (SIWE) messages to authenticate your account to be able to access notifications
  2. Opt-in required to receive notifications, and spam and rate limit protections
  3. Notification preferences that enable you to refine the types of messages you receive (ex: only transactional messages)

Does Web3Inbox work on all chains?

Web3Inbox supports EOA accounts on all eip155 (EVM) chains, and smart accounts on all eip155 chains that our Blockchain API supports. We have plans to expand support in the future.

How will my messages be stored on Web3Inbox?

Your notifications are stored on WalletConnect’s Notify Server and are used to sync notifications across devices and enable you to access new and existing notifications from all of your subscriptions whenever you need to.

How can I get the Web3Inbox app on my phone?

The Web3Inbox app can be installed to your mobile home screen using your mobile web browser, enabling push notifications directly via your phone. Head to on your mobile browser and press ‘Add to Home screen’, then ‘Install App’ to get started.

Is Web3Inbox decentralized?

The Web3Inbox app was designed using decentralized primitives such as Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and currently uses the WalletConnect Protocol to send and receive messages. For more on the decentralization roadmap for the WalletConnect Protocol, see here.

Can I connect more than one wallet?

You can connect one wallet at a given time, and you can switch wallets at any time to receive and manage your notifications for that account. We’re currently working on adding a multi-wallet feature in the near future.

How do I change my notification preferences?

You can update notification preferences and set which messages an app can send you by tapping on the app subscription and heading to ‘Preferences’.

Can I use Web3Inbox with my smart account wallet?

Web3Inbox supports smart accounts on all eip155 chains that our Blockchain API supports.